2012’s Top Search Terms/Websites

What was the top search term in 2012? Drum-roll please!


You got it! For the fourth year in a row, “Facebook” has taken the cake for the most popular search term, accounting for 4.13% of all U.S. originated searches in 2012. This statistic is up 33% from 2011, according to a report from Experian Marketing. Over the course of 12 months, four variations of the term “Facebook” were among the top 10 search terms!

What does this mean to me you may ask yourself. Well, simply put–you need to be on social media!

Consumers are constantly searching the web and interacting with their social community, either at home or on the go! Sure they may be interacting with their friends and checking to see what word on the street has about the latest gossip–but they have also liked businesses and brands that have established a social presence.

Once a consumer chooses to “Like” a company page or brand on Facebook or “Follow” a company on LinkedIn or Twitter, all updates from that company or brand begin to show up in that persons news feed. That alone furthers your branding with one post.

How about when a consumer interacts with your page, what does that do?

When a consumer interacts with a page or brand on their social site(s) it appears in their friends news feeds! That’s free advertisement and branding! People are more likely to interact and do business with a company they have seen a friend use before finding something on their own.

If your business is not on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter how are you staying in front of your target audience?

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