Happy Labor Day Weekend!

The gang here at Transformer Marketing wants everyone to know that on Monday, September 1st, our offices will be closed in observance of the Labor Day weekend.  But before we go, we wanted to leave you with the a few known facts about the Labor Day holiday!LaborDay

Did you know…

  • Labor Day actually began in Toronto, Canada in 1872.
  • The first Labor Day celebration in the United States was in 1882 in New York City
  • The Central Labor Union was the organization who brought Labor Day to NYC.
  • 10,000 unpaid workers took the day off and paraded down NYC’s City Hall through Union Square to 42nd Street and ended at Wendel’s Elm Park
  • A Concert, speeches and a picnic followed the parade at Elm Park
  • Congress made the first Monday in September the official Labor Day holiday on June 28, 1894.
  • Oregon became the first state to make the holiday legal in 1887.

Enjoy your barbecues, the NFL kick-off, and your family this Labor Day weekend!

Content provided by Transformer Marketing.

Source:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/steveodland/2012/08/29/10-labor-day-facts/

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