Let’s get you some good prospects!

Transformer Marketing, CA, Good ProspectsNow that we have established why you should stick with online marketing as your marketing platform, lets concentrate on getting good solid prospects.

First of all you need to determine if the leads that are coming through your virtual door are even solid leads who are in a position to make a decision.  Here are some tips to determine if you are working with a good lead:

  • Engage with decision makers as early as possible.  By doing this, you are guaranteed to get a quick response and avoid any runaround.  Just because someone else you speak to is interested, it doesn’t mean that person will be the decision maker.
  • Get the prospects budget and specific needs early on.   Know what you’re working with.

Go ahead and ASK!

Referrals are the golden ticket!  Ask your friends, family and even current customers for referrals.   It takes little to no effort on your part outside of a quick phone call or email asking for referrals and you’re more likely to strike gold!

Pay attention!

Does your prospect like to communicate via email or phone?  Maybe your prospect enjoys face to face meetings at casual locations.  Your prospect is not just looking for another purchase, rather maybe your prospect wants a relationship that goes deeper.  Adjust your sales approach according to what your prospect is saying.  Everyone is different and in order to be effective in your  sales, you need to be adaptable.

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