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Just as we need the lights and phones for our office to function, every insurance professional needs a solid marketing strategy to conduct business. It’s that simple. Online marketing has become a utility.

Transformer Marketing can BE that utility for your business – an all-inclusive marketing platform that combines the most powerful online media channels into one focused, fully managed resource for your business.

Transformer Marketing Professional combines all of the benefits of Transformer Essential, and adds significantly upgraded benefits.




Online Newsletters Co-branded newsletter available for use on agency website Included (1 Ttitle)
Quarterly Newsletter E-blast Quarterly Newsletter sent to your database of clients Included
Territory Exclusive Territory capture Included
Agency Branding Proven methods to enhance awareness and reach to clients and prospects Included
Community Building Create two way conversations using Social Media techniques using Geo and Demographic Targets Included (Daily)
Active SEO SEO for all main Blog pages and articles as well as Social Sites to increase traffic to your website Included
SEO Plug in for the blog Back end for enhanced effectiveness which will allow us to reach more people Available
Consistent Blog Articles Targeted and methodical post with agency approvals Included (3x a week)
Additional Blog Articles added content on the blog site Available
Custom Blog Forms Contact Us form delivered to the agency for follow Included
Additional Custom Forms Forms to tie into each product and services Available
Facebook Personal & Company profile fully customized and managed Included
Facebook Incentive Promotion (charity or other) to invite prospect to like the company page Included
LinkedIn Personal & Company profile fully customized and managed Included
LinkedIn Premium Plan Upgraded to LinkedIn Business product Available
Twitter Fully customized and managed Included
YouTube Fully customized and managed Included
Happy Customer Testimonial and Referral program Included
Promotions Social media campaigns to enhance participation Included (4x a year)
Additional Promotions Additional social media promotions Available
Email Marketing Program Targeted email message to client database and prospects Included (Up to 18 x a year)
Additional Email Marketing Targeted email pieces to increase traffic and participation Available
Status/ Steering Meetings Pre-set power meetings Included (2x monthly)
Monthly Status Reports Analytics and statistics of previous month Included
Competitor Reports Analysis and report of top 3 local competitors Included (2x a year)
QR Code Setup and help on marketing the QR Code Available
Website Design Custom site design including SEO and Blog Available
Texting Program Inform your clients of weather conditions, natural disasters, ect. Available
Mobile Platform Keep your clients hooked to your site by offering a mobile app Available
*Available – not included in monthly price, available at additional cost

Please contact us to determine if your agency meets our specific criteria.

If you have a Broker/Dealer to consider, our system is designed to focus on the fixed side of the business and by that nature, satisfies FINRA guidelines and regulations. Alternatively, if you need to have the program approved by your compliance department, we will be happy to work with them and show them all of our policies and procedures before your service agreement begins.

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Transformer Marketing is the most powerful integrated marketing system in the world, and the only company that has unlocked the massive social networking revenue potential for YOUR business!

Retain your clients, and create a fertile strategy for a steady stream of referrals.

  • Content Creation and Deployment – YOUR online presence fully managed by professionals with 35+ years of insurance, marketing, and technology experience. Professionally produced content for your Web site, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – generated and managed for you.

  • Referrals, Testimonials, Leads, Revenue – Demonstrable sales opportunities through social media promotions: Integrated Survey and Promotional Platforms plus Email Marketing to empower your social media.

  • Automated solutions to generate conversation and testimonials from your clients with no effort on your part (or theirs!)

  • Coaching, Accounting, Reporting – Scheduled reviews of program metrics, feedback, and coaching to ‘transform’ your business – with as much or as little technology infrastructure as you require.

  • And the best thing about the program?

    We do it all for you!

    A completely Integrated Online Marketing Solution … Actively managed for you.

    Transformer Marketing is nationwide and international!

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