The #hashtag mystery

HashtagOh how I miss the days that the # was just a pound sign on the phone or a tic tac toe game.  Creative geniuses over the years have implemented the # sign for so much more.  And now it’s commonly known as a marketing strategy for trending topics throughout the social media realm.

Hashtag 101

What is exactly a hashtag?  Well like I said earlier, it is a tool for social media gurus to use to start conversations on trending topics.  Originally, hashtags were made popular by Twitter, and then all the social networking sites caught on.  If you want to see what other people are saying about a particular topic you can search using the hashtag sign.

What topics can be used for a hashtag?  Anything.  You can try to start your own hashtag trending topic using what you think would be good topics to bring discussion about.  A lot of people also hashtag personal stuff, well for fun.

Yes, it is possible that too many hashtags can exist.  For a marketer, if you are using hashtags more than 2-3 times in a post, you are over doing it.

Implementing and carrying out proper usage for hashtags is a tricky business.  You need to have all the right elements aligned for it to work the best.  Here at Transformer Marketing, we can manage your social media marketing plan and your hashtags.

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