Six Tips Help You Choose Passwords That Protect You Online

As you navigate the Internet, you find yourself juggling numerous passwords. You could choose one password for all your accounts, but that’s easy for someone to steal. Try six tips that assist you in choosing passwords that can’t be hacked.

  1. Review all your passwords. This protective action will take some time, but it serves as a password audit. You’ll see what types of passwords you use, find out if any are repeated passwordbetween sites and determine which ones need to be changed.
  2. Don’t use duplicates. All your online sites need unique passwords. If your audit reveals duplicates, change them.
  3. Stop using common passwords. You probably don’t use the word “password” to access any of your accounts, but using the name of your child, street or pet is just as insecure. Anyone who knows you can now access your bank statement, email or other personal accounts.
  4. Delete password notification emails. When you change a password or request a new one, the site will typically send you an automated email with your new password. Delete those emails immediately. Hackers can access them and use your passwords to get into your accounts.
  5. Use long strings of characters. Simple passwords like “fancynancy” or “bigbob5” are easy to remember, but they are also easy to steal. Give an online thief a run for his or her money and use a combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols. Remember, too, that longer passwords are also stronger.
  6. Use a password manager. It stores all your passwords and assists you creating strong passwords in the future. Plus, it encrypts all your passwords so that hackers can’t decipher them.

These six tips assist you in keeping your passwords safe and your online presence secure. Talk to your insurance agent about identity protection coverage, too. It’s a second layer of security that keeps you safe online

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