So many social media platforms-which is right for us?

Well first let me tell you that no one social media platform is better than the other one.  Each platform has pros and cons.  Let’s take a quick look!SocialCycle


This one is a no-brainer.  With over 2 billion active users on Facebook, you definitely need to sign your business up here.  Here, is a great place for you to connect with your customer regularly.  Perfect for B2C companies.


We all know that LinkedIn is the place to go for all B2B companies.  LinkedIn has managed to create a social media platform for all professionals.  The more topics you open up for discussion in your groups, the better it is for your company.


This platform caters to, well everyone.  It’s a great way to interact with your followers each and every day, making your products and services more accessible.

Not only do you have those versatile social media platforms, finding the right social media platform specifically for your industry is also a must.  CompleteMarkets is the leading social media platform for all insurance professions.  After all, they are known as, ‘The Place where Insurance Networks.’

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