You are here. Does anyone know it? Social media and cutting through a galaxy of debris

Over the past 4 years or so, we have been overwhelmed with information regarding social media marketing for use in your agency. Selecting the most direct route for engaging clients and worthwhile prospects, can leave you feeling like Sandra Bullock floating out there in space in that movie, “Gravity“…nobody is listening, nobody is coming to help. You. Are. Lost.

Transformer Marketing, CA, GravityWe seem to spend endless hours building profiles, posting content and sending requests to god knows who, and what does that give us?  A BIG FAT NOTHING. A lot of these supposedly “insurance friendly “social sites promise to work immediate miracles and claim to be a cure- all for your pipeline woes. But we know these sites usually amount to a big black hole… or put another way, a bottomless abyss of your time spent. How nice. With social media constantly changing and seemingly spiraling out of control, how are we supposed to cut through the debris and land somewhere worthwhile? Which sites work, which sites don’t? And more importantly, why do we care?!!

Does this fit your experience?

  • Transformer Marketing, CA, Stats for Social Media       I have no idea who is on my current social networks. My social community can include my clients or the guy next door, again, no clue.
  •        I have tons of new message and have no idea what to do with them. I chose to ignore it all together.
  •        I want to reach out to my clients and prospects but don’t know what to tell them and I am afraid they might respond, then what will I    do?
  •        I actually post items on my social networks quite frequently, but nothing ever becomes of it, at least I am improving my writing skills.
  •        I do care about reaching out to my clients online but how do I know they want to engage with me, am I taking a risk?

Transformer Marketing, CA, Social MediaThere is hope. If you identify what works early on and have a solid (long term) plan to follow, you will be victorious. You must commit to social media marketing as a mainstay among all your other priorities. Yes, social media can be a very powerful marketing tool. You can find your clients where they hang out online and offer them meaningful and worthwhile communication that piques their interests and motivates them to spread the word, your word.


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    1. Jennifer Napoli says:

      Social media websites are a dime a dozen anymore. You blink, and a new one comes out. Is it all the same? No, not all social media sites are the same. In fact, there is more junk out there that doesn’t work at all, than there are good ones. Weeding out the junk sites is a long and tedious task, however well worth it once you find the gold.

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