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“Social media allows us to behave in ways that we are hardwired for in the first place – as humans. We can get frank recommendations from other humans instead of from faceless companies.”
― Francois Gossieaux, The Hyper-Social Organization: Eclipse Your Competition by Leveraging Social Media”

We are past the days of door to door sales and telemarketing.  All thanks to technology.  Technology has made it possible for you to never have to leave your room to search out prospects.  Email marketing, social media marketing and blogs have made it possible for you to share your expertise with the outside world.  Friends, clients and the like are all sharing, commenting and liking the information that you have to offer, which there is no better marketing than word of mouth.  And social media marketing is the best platform of all for a word of mouth campaign.  News travels fast, especially in this day in age.  Anyone with a camera and an idea can develop a project and promote it all with the touch of a couple of keystrokes.

This is exactly what Transformer Marketing specializes in.   We offer email marketing, social media marketing (targeting Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), and we offer blog marketing.  Your marketing specialist will oversee everything and work one on one with you to design the best marketing plan for your business.  All the marketing that we do for you is designed for your targeted audience.  We monitor your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages (we can even set them up for you if you don’t have one already!) and your blog platform.  We also offer al a carte services such as SEO (search engine optimization), website design, and much more!

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We cater to insurance companies and financial institutions.

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Transformer Marketing is the most powerful integrated marketing system in the world, and the only company that has unlocked the massive social networking revenue potential for YOUR business!

Retain your clients, and create a fertile strategy for a steady stream of referrals.

  • Content Creation and Deployment – YOUR online presence fully managed by professionals with 35+ years of insurance, marketing, and technology experience. Professionally produced content for your Web site, Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – generated and managed for you.

  • Referrals, Testimonials, Leads, Revenue – Demonstrable sales opportunities through social media promotions: Integrated Survey and Promotional Platforms plus Email Marketing to empower your social media.

  • Automated solutions to generate conversation and testimonials from your clients with no effort on your part (or theirs!)

  • Coaching, Accounting, Reporting – Scheduled reviews of program metrics, feedback, and coaching to ‘transform’ your business – with as much or as little technology infrastructure as you require.

  • And the best thing about the program?

    We do it all for you!

    A completely Integrated Online Marketing Solution … Actively managed for you.

    Transformer Marketing is nationwide and international!

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    3 Responses to Let the prospects come to you

    1. Jennifer Napoli says:

      With online marketing, it has never been easier to watch the leads or prospects pour in while you are sitting at your desk!

    2. William Hard says:

      I agree. Work smart, not hard and make every penny count. Many business owners think that you just make up a post and share it to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and you are done. It takes a team to research, check copyrights, share content, scan for comments and so much more. But in the end – Social Media is by far the BEST way to gain referrals, retain clients and increase revenue.

    3. Phillip Flores says:

      They best way to draw in your prospects is by developing your social presence. Sure updating on a regular basis is a good start but make sure your entire profile is filled out. What are your business hours? List your website(s) and other company social pages. List your contact information. All good examples of giving the prospect and easy way to find you.

      However, the best way to get prospects to relate to your services is TESTIMONIALS! Sure, we all know about Yelp!, Google Reviews, Angie’s List, Yellow Pages and the other review sites, but what about your Facebook Page? What about your LinkedIn Personal Page Recommendations and Endorsements? What about your LinkedIn Company Page Recommendations? Connect with your clients and actively seek new, fresh TESTIMONIALS. That is how you get prospects to relate to your business; outside, human interaction.

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