Still not sure how to measure ROI? These may help

Transformer Marketing, CA, ROI and AnalyticsWe have been talking about return on investments.  You’ve heard from our social media specialist and email specialist.  We have been discussing how measuring ROI’s are different for social media marketing platforms than for more traditional platforms, such as print ads, television, etc. As been stated in previous articles, measuring ROI is very difficult when you are looking for profit.

According to our Social Media Specialist, William Hard,

“…if some unknown company asked you to “like” or “follow” their product , would you?  Even if you did, would you interact with them just because you saw some post?  Maybe if it was funny or cute, but seriously, would you buy a certain tire for your car just because they had a cute kitten playing in a tire?  If you won’t do that, what makes you think anyone would?”

Will has a good point.  Why would Joe Blow, want to purchase from you?  Sure, he may like an article you posted, but is it enough to get a sale from?  Probably not.  Engagement is the key.  You need to engage your customers and following.  Once you do that, you can use these tools to measure your social media success.

  1. Google Analytics.  This is our go to analytics platform.  With Google Analytics, you can find out how many people viewed your listed sites on any given day/week/month.  You can see spikes and lows in views.  You can find out where the traffic is coming from (i.e. your website, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).  You even find out where the viewers are geographically located.
  2. Facebook Insights.  Facebook Insights is the Analytics place for your Facebook page.  The results will help you understand your audience better.
  3. LinkedIn Analytics.  The same as Google and Facebook Analytics, only for your LinkedIn Company Page.  For your personal page, it would be “Who’s viewed my profile.”
  4. Twitter Analytics.

Remember when measuring ROI, look at your connections and interactions.  That’s where it will really count.

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