Why you need to change your marketing strategy

Transformer Marketing, CA, Marketing StrategyI’m going to tell you something that will shock you.  And it’s not a new concept.  In fact, this concept has been around for many years.  Stop designing your marketing strategy around new prospects and focus your attention on your current customers.

Mind-blowing, I know.  But hear me out.

Where are you getting your money to even have a marketing budget?  Who is paying your utility bills, your rent, your paycheck?  That’s right, your consumers are paying for all of that.  So why would you ignore them in your marketing plan?

We know that you want your business to grow, we want your business to grow too.  And the best way to do that is to have your company brand interacting with your current customers.


Develop a relationship with your customers now.  Don’t just write up their policy and send them on their merry way, only sending them with a Christmas card.  No, that just tells your customer that you appreciate their money and,well that’s it.  Nobody likes being reduced to their monthly or annual premiums.  Not only that, you are reducing your brand as just well, status quo.  You are not standing out from the rest of the crowd, you are mingling right with them.

Standing out

We want you to stand out.  That’s what marketing is all about, getting your brand out there above all the rest.  The best way to do that?  Focus your marketing strategy on your current customers.  Make them feel special, stand them out.  Here are some ways to do that.

  • Send birthday emails to your customer or if you are connected with them on social media, write a Happy Birthday post on their wall or send out a tweet.
  • Answer any and all customer service comments on social media.  That will show the customer that you’re listening.
  • Promotions, promotions, promotions.  Promotions can come in many different forms and terminology.  For instance, you can do a promotion to giveaway a gift card up to a certain value to the winner’s favorite restaurant.  Another one, is to do an incentive promotion.  The more Facebook “likes” your company page gets your company will donate to a local charity.
  • Have your customers send you selfies so that you can share pics of your customers on your social media platforms.

 Ready to step up your marketing program?

Marketing strategies and implementation take a lot of time, work, thought and effort.  Here you are writing out policies and meeting with customers and you just don’t have the extra time to put into your marketing plan.  So that’s where we come in.  We will work with you to develop a proven effective marketing plan, and then we will implement the plan and manage it.  All you have to do it sit back and write those policies.

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