Don’t get caught in the tech net

Transformer Marketing, CA, Tech NetI know this is sounding strange coming from a technology marketing company, but we want you to put your smartphone down.  And turn off your computer and television.  And leave your iPad in the drawer.  No, we are not going crazy.  We would like you to get reconnected to life before technology.

Need some help?  Try these tips:

  • Life will go on.  I get filled with anxiety when I don’t answer an email or Facebook message/post right away.  That immediacy of the notification strikes me to drop everything I’m doing and answer.  The thing is, the email or Facebook message/post will still be there if you put it aside.
  • Reconnect with yourself.  The next time you find yourself alone, enjoy yourself.  You may even find new ideas for yourself.
  • Reconnect with the outside world.  You will never get to meet new people and have incredible experiences with your nose stuck in your tech gadgets.  Sure, you want to go to the best restaurant and you think the only way to get there is through, “Yelp,” but you know what?  The locals know a little bit better than “Yelp,” which is the best restaurant in town.  And it could be that hole in the wall.  Which is another great opportunity to reconnect with the outside world.
  • Relax, you’ve got time.  The thing about keeping  up on your tech stuff is that you always know what time it is.  And our lives are dictated by a schedule.  So if it’s lunch time we eat, regardless of whether or not our stomachs grumble.  Without paying attention to time, you will know when it’s time to eat when your stomach tells you to feed it.
  • Don’t worry about taking every little picture.  Our smart phones allow us to take pictures and share them instantly with our friends.  But the thing is, you’re not in the moment.  Sure, you got a good picture of that sunset, but you missed that hawk swooping down.  Leave your phone alone and take in that magical moment completely.

Balance is a requirement for life today.  Especially a good life.   Don’t get caught in the tech net.

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