Case Study

Transformer Marketing is a fully managed program for insurance agencies that distinguishes them from their competition by building credibility and branding online, generating intimacy with clients, garnering testimonials and client retention, and has been proven to consistently drive dozens of qualified sales opportunities every month.

Scurich Insurance Services (Watsonville, CA) engaged Transformer Marketing on November 23, 2010. During the first six months, Scurich saw an increase in their incoming leads/opportunities via their online properties, which resulted in a 7% increase in new client sales for the period.

In February 2011, Transformer Marketing launched a Facebook promotion on behalf of Scurich, where “Social Connections” were invited to participate in a simple survey in order to win a brand new Amazon Kindle. This lead-generation promotion — capitalizing on the viral nature of Social Networking (Scurich’s “Friends” invited/told their Friends) – delivered to Scurich 82 sales opportunities, with comprehensive intelligence on each, as a direct result.

Since then, as these activities have gained critical mass and momentum, more touch points were delivered to the agency by way of consumers filling out specific product forms, and inquiring about Scurich’s services on their frequently updated social sites.


Moreover, Scurich’s engagement with and participation in the community it serves has been influenced positively by IMMS’ AOM activities in other unforeseen ways.

Principal Tony Scurich has been approached, on numerous occasions, by online “Friends” in the real world, who introduce themselves and relate how they have enjoyed cultivating their relationship with Tony online!

“We are so happy that we decided to bite the bullet and make an investment in our agency’s near term and long term future by signing up with IMMS for their social networking program. In retrospect, we wish we had retained IMMS sooner – instead of spending the months that we did in discovery – they have this thing figured out, and have an impressive track record of being the leader in the field. We were skeptical at first – not being sure that social networking was something that could help us with revenues and retention. Once we engaged with the AOM team, we knew we were in good hands and that they were experts that we could rely completely on for our entire social networking, blogging, promotions, surveying and the list goes on.

“Even though their program starts driving qualified sales opportunities starting month 5, within 60 days, we converted sales from our social networking program. We continue to follow up on sales opportunities that are being generated and the best part is that we don’t have to worry about social networking at all; we can stick to the business of selling business and managing risk for our clients – a strong place to be for sure. We are in an enviable position of making adjustments in the agency to handle the demand that is being created through social networking.”

— Tony Scurich, Scurich Insurance Services